Is iPhone 6 the Next Apple Smartphone?

iPhone 6 the Next Apple Smartphone?Since launch of the first generation iPhone within June 2007, Apple continues to be periodically modernizing this revolutionary Smartphone. During the last 7 several years the unit has been recently updated for seven times that displays how quickly the organization has been recently accommodating features inside the device. The latest iPhone relieves includes I phone 5S along with iPhone 5C which were introduced within September 2013. Now you will discover rumors there’s yet one more latest model of my phone is being shown to people there. The most recent version could be called i phone 6 which is said to get different by its predecessors. Let us find what is available for Apple iPhone lovers.


According towards the rumors, the new iPhone version could be sporting a bigger screen dimension. This is relevant since its competitors already are out together with products in which sport huge screen. The growing demand associated with Smartphones together with larger display is what brings this particular trend towards the technology industry. Even though, Apple can be yet to make sure that officials concerning its equipment specifications as the current size of the device is easier to work with a couple of thumbs. One-hand operations are very mobile out while using the existing dimensions.

The dimensions of four. 7-inch i phone is yet another speculation that usually stand versus Samsung Universe S II. There’s been an ongoing discussion about it amongst their designers until this screen size could fascinate along with converting users for purchasing a great iPhone.

Equating Apple introduced two variations of I phone, it can be again speculated in which Apple is more prone to follow exactly the same trend. According to an online technological innovation blog source there could possibly be two variants. Apple could be on a check for launching some sort of 4. 5-inch display size version and also a 5. 7-inch model. This differs from the others from their current types of iPhone 5C along with 5S. With all the screen, dimensions of 5. 7 inch any difficulty . Apple might venture into your palette class. However, Apple is just considering, as there is absolutely no actual substantiation or standard statement about this.


If there have been a transform in hardware, then a software also would demand a complete modernize. It can be speculated that the latest main system version could be the iOS 8. This has been one hell of the major update that can rock the world of Apple and technological innovation users. It can be significant to mention that Apple is looking to get major improvements in their iOS and wants to woo returning its consumers by innovation in their technology. As an example, significant changes inside the Maps now seem to be more polished together with much required features just like transit maps. It can be possible in which in foreseeable future Apple might include increased reality that can come practical for featuring exact identify of location and directions for the phone.

Occasion of Release

Apple might have some sort of trend associated with timely delivering its iPhones. The subsequent expected schedule is made in September or perhaps October 2014. These two months will likely see your launch of the latest i phone by Apple. However, Apple is but to announce its launch date or perhaps time associated with the release.

Various other Speculations

It has been speculated on which Apple could make changes inside the display screen by employing sapphire glass. This glass can be used as a photographic camera lens; it does not take same which is used within iPhone 5S like a fingerprint sensor. Solar asking is yet another speculation since Apple has filed some sort of patent onto it.

Anything for now is to soon to estimate or declare anything for sure about the subsequent iPhone. On the other hand, one thing is made for sure in which technology users are going to be surprised by way of a change inside the iOS version and a lot probably your screen dimensions.